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Cover photo of the "Invisible Allies" event, led by Marie-Pierre Dillenseger

Invisible Allies: A New Understanding of Time and Energy

by Marie-Pierre Dillenseger

January 13, 2021
8AM PT / 11AM ET / 4PM GMT / 8PM AMT

Borrowing energy from time is a skill, says Marie-Pierre Dillenseger for the inaugural episode of the Hope Series by Huys Foundation.

We see civilizations, societies, and organizations go through periods of retreat and expansion. Are these tendencies the matter of fate or can they be foreseen ahead of time?

While Western culture heavily relies on force and will power as the driving agents of change and success, Chinese ancestral strategy considers time and space as external forces that can be harnessed for these purposes. The understanding of “now” and “here” are expanded to go beyond the instant moment and location, allowing one to align competences, purpose, and timing for increased effectiveness, at lowest cost to one’s own energy.

In other words, borrowing energy from time is a skill that can be learned and developed, says Marie-Pierre Dillenseger. Join her discussion with Huys Foundation on January 13, 2021 to explore how to cooperate with invisible allies for augmented possibilities.

The event will be in English with simultaneous Armenian translation.

Headshot of Marie-Pierre Dillenseger

Marie-Pierre Dillenseger is a French-American expert, author, and regular speaker in Chinese Timing and Spatial strategies. Her specialties include the optimal timing in various aspects of life and the uncovering of hidden loyalties. She is based in Massachusetts, USA.