Frequently asked questions
What does the name Huys stand for?

Huys means “Hope” in Armenian. We call ourselves Huys, since we see our main stakeholder – the Armenian youth – as the hope of the global Armenian nation, empowered with educational excellence.

What is your mission and vision for the next five years?

Huys Foundation pursues a vision of an academically and professionally inter-connected and collaborating Armenian nation.
Huys Foundation pursues a single mission: supporting Armenian youth achieve educational excellence, with an academic and professional commitment to Armenia and the Armenian nation.

What are the main principles of Huys?

Huys espouses the principles of transparency, accountability, and independence in its operations, seeking to shine light on the source and spending of its funds.

Does Huys Foundation sign a contract with scholarship recipients on their obligations?

Huys Foundation requires each scholarship recipient to issue a Letter of Commitment to the foundation, outlining in detail the following:

  • The immediate need, skills shortage, and/or target area for Armenia, the Armenian nation, or humanity;
  • The learning, experience, and network that the Huys Scholar will receive as a result of the academic program;
  • The actions and timeline that the Huys Scholar will implement and follow in order to apply one’s learning, experience, and networks in addressing the identified challenge.

The letter is drafted by the scholar, in his or her own words, and then subject to extensive review and feedback by Huys Foundation.  Once finalized, the scholar signs the Letter of Commitment, with an understanding that the scholarship is released in reliance on the scholar’s commitment.

Does Huys Foundation differentiate between applicants who are citizens or residents of Armenia and those who are not?

Huys Foundation does not differentiate between applicants based on their citizenship or residency.

Are scholarship recipients required to relocate to or work in Armenia upon graduation?

Huys Foundation espouses the vision of the globally connected Armenian nation, which views Armenians as one nation, united around the concept and reality of Armenia.  In line with this vision, Huys Foundation does not require Huys Scholars to relocate to or work in Armenia, as it believes that Armenian interests may be served both from within and outside Armenia.

Is the Huys Foundation the same as the Luys Foundation?

No, Huys Foundation is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit organization based in the U.S. that was launched Luys alumni, and it is not affiliated or managed by the Luys Foundation based in Armenia. That said, Huys Foundation was launched to bring new life to the important mission of educational excellence, building upon the decade-long accomplishments of the Luys Foundation while espousing the core principles of accountability, transparency, and independence.

How many scholarships and in what amount will Huys Foundation grant?

Huys Scholarships shall be in the amount of no less than $2,000, except for Huys Scholarships granted to scholars studying at Armenian educational institutions, which shall cover the annual tuition up to $1,000.

Can I submit more than one application for different programs from which I received offers?

Yes, you may submit more than one application, as long as it is no more than one application per academic program that you have been admitted to.

Can I submit an application with a conditional offer?

If you have received a conditional offer, you may submit it to the Scholarship Committee with your application for review.

What materials should I submit to show that my program is a globally top ranking one?

There is no one website or statistics to follow; instead, we invite the applicant to substantiate for the Scholarship Committee why she or he believes that the selected academic program is a globally top-ranked academic degree program.  For this, you can refer to rankings, articles from reputable publications or journals, references or interviews from renowned experts in the field referring to the degree program as top-ranked, and so on.  These are simply examples; you are more than welcome to provide any material for consideration by the Scholarship Committee that you believe proves this point.

If I already received a Huys scholarship, should I reapply for my next year of studies? If so, will the application and evaluation processes be the same?

A Huys Scholarship for an academic year does not guarantee a Huys Scholarship for succeeding years.  Huys Scholars should reapply for successive years and will be considered on the same basis as other applicants.

Can I apply for more than one type of scholarship? For example, can I apply to both the general Huys Scholarship and the John Aroutiounian scholarship?

We ask applicants to apply to one scholarship – the one that they find most relevant to their application.  That said, shortlisted applicants for the John Aroutiounian Scholarship will automatically be considered for the general Huys Scholarship as well.  In other words, if you choose to apply for the John Aroutiounian Scholarship, your application will first be considered for this scholarship by the Scholarship Committee, and if it is not successful and is shortlisted, the application will then be considered for the general Huys Scholarship.