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Headshot of Gerard Mekhsian

Gerard Mekhsian

Huys Foundation is immensely thankful to Gerard Mekhsian, Partner at Hutchinson & Bloodgood LLP, for providing accounting support.

Krisp Logo


Huys Foundation is immensely thankful to Krisp for providing complimentary licenses or its noise-cancellation software to Huys Scholars and the Huys Team.

Gituzh Logo

Gituzh Initiative

Huys Foundation is a member of the Gituzh Initiative, a worldwide community of scholars, professionals, and organizations advocating for increasing support of the sciences in Armenia.

Axiom print logo

Axiom Print

Huys Foundation is immensely thankful to AxiomPrint for complimentary printing and graphic design services.

Zark logo


Huys Foundation is a supporter of Zark, a non-profit tech-enabled platform that allows Diaspora Armenians to crowdfund for social purpose organizations in Armenia through round up or percentage from daily transactions.