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Through Education to Eternity

Huys Foundation is a cause.  We believe that if we are to build a country, vitalize our nation, and serve humanity, then we must think together and work together, united by a common vision for the future and for the world.

To achieve this cause, Huys Foundation empowers bright Armenian minds to achieve excellent education, connects them with purpose, and engages them in actualizing their potential through service, with a commitment to Armenia and the Armenian nation.

A Huys Scholarship goes beyond financial support.  It is an invitation to our scholars to relay their own visions for turning learning into impact, and it is a challenge to go all the way.  It is another brick laid in the effort to pave global pathways of academic and professional potential.  It is one more subscription to the mantra that success is not built in isolation.

This is the mantra that sparked Huys: Paying It Forward.  Powered through the voluntary efforts of Luys alumni, Huys Foundation was launched in 2018 so that the doors that were once opened for Luys alumni are today opened for the new generation.

Espousing accountability, transparency, and independence as guiding principles, Huys dedicates virtually all funds raised to its cause: the cause of serving and guiding our nation, through education, to eternity.