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Aida Martirosyan

American University of Armenia 
Bachelor of Science in Data Science
Huys Scholar 2022 (Engineering in Armenia Scholarship), 2023

Headshot of Huys Scholar Aida Martirosyan

2023 Huys Commitment Letter

In this developed technological era, the current information grows exponentially, which creates the necessity of analyzing massive data and grasping the important part of it. Data Science is a modern field worldwide that deals with different kinds of data and provides tools to manipulate the data efficiently. The methods and algorithms of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, again very modern terms nowadays, are significant parts of Data Science, which work parallelly to explore data, define various smart models to automate several tasks, predict future trends, and make people’s life easier. And I am proud to mention that I am a rising senior student at the American University of Armenia majoring in Data Science, who has different goals for having a prosperous country and life, which can be reached with the help of DS.

One of the famous programs nowadays among societies is OpenAI’s ChatGPT. It is an online chatbot that can understand human language, communicate with people, and help them by answering their diverse questions. The system works based on one branch of AI called Natural Language Processing (NLP). NLP is a great tool that investigates the parts of speech and allows computers to understand human language. There are different libraries, which include functions that help the system of NLP work. However, the existing libraries are mainly for English, and almost nothing exists for Armenian. One of my current goals is to develop NLP for the Armenian language. It is essential to understand the logic of existing libraries that work for English to be able to modify them and adapt them to our language. Of course, it is not an easy task, as Armenian is a beautiful, however difficult language in the sense of grammar and tenses, but I am sure that completing this task can be very beneficial for Armenia; to all companies that deal with text data and want to automate the process of understanding it for faster, better results.

Another modern branch is Geographic Information System (GIS). GIS uses spatial data and locations to explore the information and find some patterns between different geographical areas. GIS data includes images from satellites, and drones, which cover vast areas of land, which is why GIS is very helpful for big data analyses. Here comes my next goal: to develop a GIS tool that can automate the process of monitoring wheat fields by improving Armenia’s agriculture. It is not a secret that agriculture is the primary source of the Armenian economy, which is why I think crucial attention should be given to the development of that branch. GIS can help peasants monitor their vast fields and estimate their harvest, providing better agricultural results. Additionally, to improve the GIS results, it will be interesting to use some Machine Learning, Deep Learning algorithms while analyzing data with GIS. So, Geographic Information System is an important tool that can also use ML algorithms to work on spatial data and develop agriculture in Armenia.

To summarize, from the above applications, one can understand that Data Science is at the center of different fields and can have diverse usages. Speaking about my short-term goals, I want to underline the main projects explained above, one connected to the NLP system in Armenian and another GIS tool for the development of Armenian agriculture. I work on the projects, learn new things, and hope to succeed in them. My long-term goal is the same; learn, develop my professional skills, and become one of the best Data Scientists in the world, who will be part of great teams which have a general goal to create products or provide solutions to people that make the world a better place and make Armenia prosperous and strong.

I am aware that Huys Foundation is granting the Huys Scholarship to me with the anticipation of my good faith pursuit and implementation of the projects and undertakings described in this letter, to which I hereby commit.

2022 Huys Commitment Letter

Aida Martirosyan, American University of Armenia, Bachelor of Science in Data Science

Starting from my school years, I loved math and had a great interest in computers. So, after finishing school, I was thinking about what profession I should choose for myself that, on one side, would be interesting and pleasant for me, and on another side, beneficial and practical for my country. Considering my favorite fields and the high demands of Data Science in the world, also the lack of Data Scientists in Armenia, I decided to apply to the American University of Armenia to major in Data Science. Now I am a rising junior student and I feel that the developing field of Data Science in Armenia can do a massive job for the country as it can solve some critical problems that our country faces.

One of the problems that Data Science can help to overcome in Armenia is that it can use different tools to develop business strategies and consequently develop the country’s economy. Armenia had a complicated past, and during the last years, the country and nation faced difficult days because of wars and political issues. Of course, the mentioned difficulties negatively affected Armenia’s economy, and now to improve the economic status, we Armenians need to develop conditions for successful businesses. The role of Data Science is enormous, as it provides tools by which the specialists can gather data, analyze it, and create models, which can make predictions and help people make better decisions for their business. At this stage, I am still learning the tools and algorithms by which I can create such models that can make valuable predictions for humanity. My short-term goal is to become one part of a professional and already experienced Data Scientists group, where we can organize different projects which will explore the customer needs and interests in the daily market, and according to their status, we will suggest convenient and effective solutions, business ideas to develop Armenia’s economy.

Another important problem that Data Scientists can consider is developing the perception of art in Armenia and, in that way, allowing artists have a unique role in the market. Nowadays, there is no high demand for art among the people of Armenia. I have a lot of friends that have artistic skills, but they understand that there is no prosperous future for an artist in Armenia, and that is why they refuse to continue with art, and in my opinion, that is very sad as we lose good specialists. What Data Science can suggest here is that it can provide tools by which artists can create products that will be interesting for the audience, and by that, the demand for art in Armenia will increase. Data Scientists again analyze data, understand what the audience likes the best, and create tools to improve the artistic products and satisfy the customer’s needs. For example, with the help of Deep Learning, Data Scientists can create a project that can take the artist’s painting and change the artwork in the style of the customer’s favorite painter, Picasso or Van Gogh, which will give a creative opportunity to the artist to show their work in an innovative way.

In conclusion, Data Science is a powerful, developing field in Armenia. As explained in the above problems, it can suggest possible and effective solutions for growing businesses to succeed, consequently developing the country’s economy. Data Science can also be helpful not only in art but also in healthcare, agriculture, etc. At this stage, my goal is to collect a lot of theoretical and practical knowledge of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and related topics, which are the essential parts of Data Science. My long-term goal is to use my gained skills and knowledge, cooperate with Data Scientists of big companies, and work on projects that will provide critical solutions and results for my country first and then the world.

I am aware that Huys Foundation is granting the Huys Scholarship to me with the anticipation of my good faith pursuit and implementation of the projects and undertakings described in this letter, to which I hereby commit.