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Lusine Adunts

American University of Armenia 
Bachelor of Science in Data Science
Huys Scholar 2023 (Engineering in Armenia Scholarship)

Headshot of Huys Scholar Lusine Adunts

Economic development is heavily dependent on the society living in the country, on the actions they undertake, and on how they govern their life. I believe many of the problems present in Armenia can be partially solved through our efforts and constant work. Examples of these issues include the underdevelopment of regions and poor scientific progress.

There is a huge regional disparity in Armenia and this can be influential on youngster’s lives. This disparity is visible in many aspects. However, the most concerning issue for me is youngsters’ educational disparity with the focus on the small number of opportunities and thus, a limited view of what they can do. I have lived most of my life in Goris, which is a city 240km away from Yerevan. Looking back now, I can see that youngsters there do not have the opportunities that youngsters in Yerevan have. As a result, either most people living in the regions continue doing common country jobs or relocate to other cities or even countries. 

Also, the scientific underdevelopment of Armenia is of much concern to me. This problem has many aspects but one of them is the poor connection between the sciences and the general public. I believe it is essential to stay informed of scientific discoveries even if one is not connected to academia as this way one becomes much more rational, develops critical thinking and values the importance of outcomes of scientific progress that can be tangible only in the long run. 

Currently, I am studying data science with a concentration on bioinformatics and work at Armenian Bioinformatics Institute as a junior researcher. Bioinformatics became the ideal mix for me – I apply mathematics and programming to biology. Through this profession, I am able to solve problems that are related to many aspects of human health and well-being. My concentration now is the analysis and prediction of how a cell would change in time from one type to another.

I believe the aforementioned problems can be solved through organizing events, mini-courses and programs both in regions and in Yerevan. Organizing programming courses and other professional courses, mentorship programs, and general investment of resources with the help of organizations that are already involved in doing this job can make a huge impact on youngsters of regions. Through the connection between professionals from numerous fields and children from regions we can create the right role models for them and show them the thousands of things they can do both for them and Armenia. Also, creating hubs in regions where people share expertise and ideas can certainly bear fruit. Last but not least, I believe an integral but often underrated part of a scientist’s job is to share their knowledge and everyday work with the general public through science-related programs and lectures and with the help of social media. 

I am sure the incorporation of science into our lives and the development of regions especially with a concentration on youngsters will certainly bring us one step closer to a more evenly developed economy and society, the unit parts of which are rational and critically thinking individuals.

I am aware that Huys Foundation is granting the Huys Scholarship to me with the anticipation of my good faith pursuit and implementation of the projects and undertakings described in this letter, to which I hereby commit.