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Lusine Torosyan

Harvard University
Master in Public Administration in International Development
Huys Scholar 2023
Huys Scholarship supported by the Khachatryan family

Headshot of Huys Scholar Lusine Torosyan

Armenia is a country without natural resources and in a challenging geopolitical situation, and what we have heard since childhood is the necessity to invest in ourselves, develop our human capital and benefit our country in the future. This path of knowledge accumulation and constant growth is what I want to pursue, and I believe my investment will be to advance my knowledge in research-based policy design and implement it in my country. 

I earned my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Mathematical Methods and Models in Economics from Armenian State University of Economics. In 2013, I joined the Research team of the Central Bank of Armenia (CBA) when CBA was hiring young economists to train them and provide quality research. Then, since 2020, I have been the economic assistant of the Governor of the CBA.

My diverse learning and work experience have equipped me with a broad knowledge of the role of public institutions and policy decision-making, and research I have done ultimately shaped my career aspirations. Throughout these years, I have become more confident that the only way to have a better quality of life and to strive for the frontier is to grow and develop consistently by achieving technological advancement, investing heavily in health and education, and making financial resources widely available and productive. Therefore, I plan to apply the knowledge I will acquire through my studies to enhance development and access to financial resources, thus, promoting the growth prospects of firms and mitigating inequality issues. Moreover, I want to work on policies supporting technological innovations and developing a competitive economy.

My work at the CBA during these years was a great opportunity to significantly enhance my knowledge and skills by cooperating with well-known academics and policy-makers. Moreover, after joining the Governor’s team in 2020, I participated in high-level policy discussions and in the implementation of those policies to have a real impact. Nevertheless, I believe I must fully devote several years to my studies and concentrate on filling my knowledge gap for my future work in the public sector to be better designed and more efficient. My main goal is to return to my country upon graduation and employ the knowledge and skills I would get at the Harvard Kennedy School. My whole experience is about working in the public sector, and the years there allowed me to already put the basis of my aspirations. I am hopeful to be able to make my ambitions a reality and contribute to making my country a role model for other developing countries trying to pursue similar paths.

I am aware that Huys Foundation is granting the Huys Scholarship to me with the anticipation of my good faith pursuit and implementation of the projects and undertakings described in this letter, to which I hereby commit.