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Mane Mirijanyan

University of Southern California
Master of Science in Business Analytics
Huys Scholar 2021 (John Aroutiounian Scholarship for Service to Humanity)

Headshot of Huys Scholar Mane Mirijanyan

A simple look at the current data landscape transformation gives one a testimony on the way technology is guiding businesses to solve new and more complex problems. It also directs the way data analysis provides us with a different perspective of how each of us, as a member of one collective unit, is able to perform better.

Through that simple look I have also witnessed and built a passion for skills that will contribute to achieving real changes driven by technology. Nowadays, as a matter of fact, the most dramatic aftermath of the 4th digital revolution is the volume of the collected data. Especially, for developing countries like Armenia, to stay competitive and to thrive in this fast-paced environment, businesses need to analyze the data, make precise predictions and be able to respond accordingly. This is where the need for Business Analytics comes.

As one of the top-ranked in the world, the USC MSBA program is a balanced mix of Business Strategy, Computer Science and Statistics, Machine Learning, Optimization. Additionally, as one of the longest-running MSBA programs in the USA, it is a part of the data science STEM program and puts a firm emphasis on real-world project-based learning in collaboration with a wide range of industry partners of USC.

Bringing in Innovation: One of the crucial components of advancements across industries is innovation. For instance, the importance of innovation especially during COVID crisis should be valued. Numerous business models have been changed due to pandemic, urging the incentives for innovation. I firmly believe that Armenia has a fundamental potential to become a technological and innovative hub in the region so my mid-to-long term goal is to return to Armenia as an accomplished tech executive and strategist to contribute to the vibrant tech industry development in my homeland and the larger region. Having expertise and a wide network of professionals across trending and future-shaping industries like Cloud Computing, Cryptography, DeFi Trading, AI and ML, I will create “bridges” between the markets in developed economies as well as the talents and quality resources offered by the region, my MSBA community and Armenia to benefit all parties.

Investing in Educational System: Apart from the business component, I intend to have my firm investment in the reform of Armenia’s current educational system, as I believe that the level of education students receive at most of the local universities immensely compromises the international standards. Due to the Soviet education heritage, a hefty majority of students graduate from universities without the required skill set and expertise to smoothly enter today’s labor market. My educational and work experiences in Europe, CIS, Asia, and the USA, as well as my international network and the Armenian diaspora will be of great importance in this crucial change. Therefore, I plan to invest efforts in bringing to life initiatives similar to Tumo Center for Creative Technologies, COAF Smart Educational Center, UWC and others, however making sure that the new institutions are available to the greater public especially in the rural areas. Additionally, I am keen on advocating for educational initiatives especially to give back to underprivileged children both locally and internationally. Over two years I have been teaching English and soft skills to SOAR Armenia orphans, and I am convinced that doing good can be positively contagious. Thus I will grow this initiative bigger with my MSBA community to have a global impact.

Building a stronger network: Last but not least, the power of networks that can be built during a lifetime is indisputable. I plan to heavily invest my time on bringing to life departmental, school and regional level social and professional networking initiatives aiming at meeting bright minds, sharing ideas, making lasting connections and deep relationships that will benefit everyone involved.

I am aware that Huys Foundation is granting the scholarship to me with the anticipation of my good faith pursuit and implementation of the projects and undertakings described in this letter, to which I hereby commit.