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Mikael Yeghiazaryan

University of Oxford
Faculty of Engineering Science
Master of Engineering in Engineering Science
Huys Scholar 2019

Headshot of Huys Scholar Mikael Yeghiazaryan

I am currently a student at Oxford University studying Engineering Science, and will start my second year in October 2019. Achieving 1st degree in final exams in the first academic year instigated me to continue to excel academically towards accomplishing my personal and professional goals even more. I am sincerely grateful to Huys Foundation for contributing towards the implementation of my goals, which correlate not only with my own personal objectives, but also with the mission of Huys.

Here is how my professional and personal goals can provide added value for the Huys Foundation:

Near future: One of the most important reasons why I was admitted to the University of Oxford was the world-class education I got by attending “Quantum” College in Yerevan, Armenia. Indeed, despite socio-economic problems Armenia is facing today, there are a number of schools that provide really high-quality education for the students. Unfortunately, such institutions are relatively fewer, and one of the main objectives for Armenia is to increase the quality of educational system.  One of my main personal and professional goals is to contribute to this objective. Inspired by courses organized by MIT for Armenian students in Armenia in summer 2016, I decided to conduct similar courses of Engineering for students in Armenia this summer. This time the courses were held at my alma mater – “Quantum” College, but eventually I hope to widen the range of students to whom I can transfer the academic knowledge that I will have accumulated over the years of studying at the University of Oxford. 

Distant future: I believe that science and technology are the main driving forces behind the future prosperity of Armenia and Armenian people. Recent advances in science, and in Artificial Intelligence in particular, indicate that where Armenia lacks in natural resources such as oil and favorable geopolitical realities, can be compensated through its human capital. Armenia’s economy should be driven by high-technology, fueled by a high-level academic system. While this sounds more like a dream at this point, I am committed to contributing my best and ensuring that this dream becomes a reality.

One of my top personal goals is to contribute to the scientific and technological advancement of Armenia in different areas, particularly in Engineering and Robotics. Advances in Robotics can benefit many industries in Armenia, from medical applications to agriculture. For instance, advanced robotic solutions, which are being increasingly used in surgeries and other medical procedures, will help to modernize medical field in Armenia and make it a regional hub of high-precision medicine. In industrial farming, automated robots can lead to considerable improvements in harvesting, which, in turn, will stimulate Armenian economics. I would like to initiate and contribute to such projects, and work tirelessly to make this vision a reality one day. 

For the Huys Foundation: Eventually, I hope to help Armenian students from all over the world by contributing to organizations such as Huys, so that other Armenian students can benefit from their support as well. Apart from financial support, I would like to take part in various educational programs organized by Huys, where I can be of benefit for either Huys, Armenia or Armenian people in the world.

In summary, Armenia, and specifically Armenian science and technology, are an integral part of my long-term personal and professional objectives. And while my goals might seem ambitious, I am strongly determined to succeed. I am sincerely grateful to Huys Foundation for their support, which greatly motivates me to accomplish those goals. 

I am aware that Huys Foundation is granting the scholarship to me with the anticipation of my good faith pursuit and implementation of the projects and undertakings described in this letter, to which I hereby commit.