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Victoria Harutyunyan

American University of Armenia 
Bachelor of Engineering Sciences
Huys Scholar 2021, 2022 (Engineering in Armenia Scholarship)

Headshot of Huys Scholar Viktorya Harutyunyan

Day by day, I notice how the goals I set for myself years ago are being accomplished, and new goals are being developed for the future. Those short-term goals make me step forward and bring me closer to my primary and long-term purposes in professional life. 

Engineering has always been a vital part of our lives. Everything that surrounds us contains a piece of engineering. Despite the profession one has, I think the modern world we live in, it is crucial to have an engineering mindset, and it is happiness to be able to discover the creative and limitless world of engineering. 

Being attentive to the current situation of engineering in Armenia, the first thought that comes to my mind is that I, as an engineer, owe it to myself and to my country to become such a professional in my field that will be qualified enough to teach, motivate and inspire new generations of future engineers. Our country has a massive demand for engineers, but unfortunately, there are not enough professionals or even beginners in that field to satisfy the demand. Therefore, I consider my mission to concentrate on my long-term goal and do my best from now to invest in the education of engineering and to develop an engineering mindset in children from their earliest years. To accomplish even a tiny part of this goal with my current knowledge and skills, which I gained during my academic program, I participate in a program enabling me to share my knowledge of engineering and mathematics with children from villages near the border. I am inspired by the new organizations and programs like the one mentioned above because they prove to children who thought that they would never have such opportunities, that everything is possible if you have a desire to achieve that and it does not matter where you come from. Similar experience I had when I went to Lori to discover COAF and talked to some of its students. They all had huge dreams that they were afraid to tell, and I consider it my mission to motivate them in order for our country to have compatible professionals in the tech industry. 

On the other hand, my relatively short-term goal is to be a part of the process of Armenia’s industrial development and wise use of our natural resources. Currently, I am more concentrated on developing my skills as a mechanical design engineer. With hard work and a team of professional engineers, it is possible to use our country’s natural resources and benefit from our manufacturing and recycling. Fortunately, there are and hopefully will be more initiatives that deal with plastic recycling in Armenia. Also, the concept of recycling is becoming widespread among people, which is very important nowadays. With the knowledge gained during an internship program and my class at AUA, I successfully passed the Solidworks advanced skills examination and became a certified Solidworks professional. I am using this knowledge to benefit the development of Armenia’s manufacturing field.

To sum up, I believe that there is nothing impossible if there is a desire and motivation. We all want to see our country prosper, so we are the ones who should make it happen with our knowledge, skills, and effort. Huys Foundation is allowing individuals like me to pursue their goals confidently and have a remarkable impact on the development of Armenia and makes their path more passable.

I am aware that Huys Foundation is granting the Huys Scholarship to me with the anticipation of my good faith pursuit and implementation of the projects and undertakings described in this letter, to which I hereby commit.